What to Do When Things Go Wrong on Your Date

by John Orok

Sometimes, dates don’t go as planned and either one or both parties become uninterested in the other. In this case, the best thing you can do is to be honest with the other person and tell them that you are just not interested and that it would be best to remain as friends. Everyone hears friends and thinks “oh no, I have been placed in the dreaded friend zone”. But the truth is that it is far better to hear “friends” than to be led on for a long time only to be hurt worse in the future.

There are several things you can do on your end to keep this from happening. The number one thing is to appear self-confident to the person you are on a date with. Both men and women both say that one of the traits that attracts them the most is self-confidence. The way you do this is by actually becoming more confident in yourself. Confidence is not a trait which can come and go as you please. If you try to appear confident but it’s only an act, it will show through. You need to gain confidence in yourself by facing your fears, realizing the many great qualities about yourself, and doing things publicly, but appropriately, that you wouldn’t usually do. Karaoke or night club dancing is a great example. Confidence is not an act but rather an attitude.

Another tip for not striking out on a date is showing your romantic and sensitive side. This one is largely directed towards males, but females show pay attention too because of the biggest mistakes women make is not showing a man how much their efforts are appreciated. To win over big with men, women to learn that men take pride in the things they do and nurturing that is one key step in winning a guy over. Men can be romantic and sensitive by choosing a romantic location for a date. Such as a fancy, upscale restaurant with candles and soft music. A few flowers or a cute teddy bear couldn’t hurt either. The most important thing is not coming off as cheesy because women see “cheesy” as really being “fake”.

Just remember that rejection is not a bad thing and that not everyone is going to like everyone. Sometimes you have to catch a few guppies before you find your perfect walleye. Be confident, be romantic, and respectful and you will find Mr. or Ms. Right.

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