How to Chat Up Girls and Increase Your Success

by John Orok

In a culture where online dating among young people is becoming more widespread and acceptable, many young men may find themselves intimidated relying solely on the written word to get to know a girl. Chatting with girls online can at first be awkward and uncomfortable for some males, but with a few helpful hints, you will discover that this method of meeting girls provides you with great opportunities: 1) to practice conversing with the opposite sex, 2) to build trust by letting a girl know that you are nice person (instead of a creep trying to harass her), and 3) to find out if a girl is right for you before meeting her.
There are hundreds of websites where males can compare strategies on how to chat with girls; however, not all of the advice you will get from other males is good. You need advice from a female, like me, who has spent countless hours weeding out guys online. I know what works with girls and what doesn’t.
Most girls who like to chat online are well aware of the predators lurking around the Internet these days and will already have a guard up to any stranger who attempts to talk with them.
Here is my first piece of advice: Don’t immediately ask a girl what she looks like. If she wants to tell you early on, she will. Regardless of how pretty a girl is, she doesn’t want you to care only about her appearance. I know this will sound cliché, but girls really want to be accepted for who they are on the inside. If a photo of the girl is available, comment only on “safe” characteristics: her hair, her smile, her eyes.
My second piece of advice is to ask questions about her hobbies, passions, likes and dislikes (music, books, travel, future plans). In order to chat with girls about these subjects, though, you must be prepared to respond with information about your own interests. In doing so, you may be tempted to lie, but don’t do it. If you agree with everything she says, she will be suspicious. If these first conversations turn into a relationship, you don’t want to have started with lies. Let the first few conversations be about these subjects. Be genuine, sincere, and friendly.
Another strategy, if you’re going to chat with girls online, is to avoid sounding overly confident. Most girls can see through a fake persona and are repelled by a “macho attitude.” Admit some flaws and insecurities, but don’t go to the other extreme and tell her you plan to live with your parents for the rest of your life!
These are just a few hints to help your chances of getting to know someone online without scaring them or sounding like nerd. There is always a risk when getting to know new people—whether online or not—but don’t give up. The best way to chat with girls online is to just try to be yourself, even if you’re shy.

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