How to Build More Confidence in Dating

by John Orok

Confidence, its one of the most attractive qualities that can be displayed to the opposite sex. If a man is self confident he is strong, reassuring and attractive. Likewise, if a woman is confident she is sexy, laid back and approachable. So how do you reach this level of attractiveness in your dating life? Following a few easy steps will ensure that you are not tripping over your own two feet in fear when asking the most desirable person at the bar for a date or when walking them to the door afterwards.

1. Practice makes perfect.

There are many areas where our confidence lacks; singing, dancing, talking to the opposite sex. While these things can be intimidating to the point that you feel overwhelmed there is one surefire solution to overcoming them: practice. There are many places to sing karaoke or to dance like a fool without ridicule and the more these things are done the more secure you will feel in doing them. Often if you make your practice a frequent outing you will pick up tips about improving your new found skills. If your fears come from talking to the opposite sex then simply saying hello to passing strangers can help to push the reluctance aside. You would be surprised how many friendly responses you get.

2. The art of body language.

More likely than not you aren’t aware of what your body language is saying to those around you. Are you crossing your arms or your legs? If so this is a sign to those around you that you are closed off and unapproachable. Are you slouched over and sullen? These are signs that you are not happy with your current situation and quite frankly not a lot of fun. By paying close attention to how you are displaying yourself you will be more open to interaction. Once you see your interest returned your confidence will raise in leaps and bounds.

3. Psych up!

Nerves are never easy to overcome. A quick fix is to take music that makes your blood run faster -the kind that has you bouncing in your seat – and to listen to it before a night of clubbing or dating. The excess energy you build will carry over into the night and make you a good time waiting to happen.

4. Build on the strongest foundations.

Lack of confidence comes from insecurity. Find the good things about yourself and think about them, build on them. If you have found that special person to date make a commonplace of your strengths and go from there. You will never appear more confident and attractive than when you are talking about your strong points.

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