How to be Romantic with Women

by John Orok

The complaint that is heard most often in failing relationships is lack of romance. Unfortunately, there is no definitive recipe for romance. The clichés of flowers and candy are nice but many women are over it by the second or third guy that tries this. Countless times I have overheard men telling their friends that they needed a romantic gesture for their girlfriends or wives and rejecting the idea of flowers. “She doesn’t like flowers,” is the most commonly heard response. This blew me away when I first heard it. What woman would not like flowers? The fact that I have heard this come up more than a few times led me to ask around and try to figure out exactly what romance was if it isn’t prepackaged in a box at the local retail store.

Many women will openly admit that yes, they like presents and if those presents come in the form of flowers then they will not complain. Still, is it romantic? Not surprisingly a majority of women would rather have an inexpensive trinket that reflects their likes and desires. This is because when their boyfriend brings home a book by their favorite author or her favorite brand of cookie dough it shows that they have been listening to them while they talk about their desires. Knowing your partner and what they like is ten times better than a bouquet the bag boy threw together for minimum wage. It shows caring, understanding and compassion.

Another complaint about romantic gestures is the fact that they can usually be planned out on a calendar. Having presents on Valentines Day and her birthday are a must but bringing home a little extra something just because it is Wednesday means so much more. “I saw it and it made me think of you,” is a great way to show her that even when she is out of sight she is not out of mind. Never underestimate the power of thinking of your significant other while making a run to the store to get milk.

So a box of chocolates and a dozen roses don’t make up actual romance. They should not be taken from the list (unless your girlfriend is one of those that doesn’t like flowers), but true romance comes from declarations of love. This declaration is just a bit tarnished when you consider that every other woman on the block has gotten the same gift as yours. Make your romantic offerings personal and spontaneous and she will be sure to talk about it to all of her friends.

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