How To Be An Alpha Male

by John Orok

The alpha male is known for being the dominate male among other males; observed primarily in animal packs and primates, there are some males that are given priority consideration during a female mate selection and in feeding, plus they are born leaders. This behavior may also be observed among humans and many men would love to reach that status.

The major traits of an alpha male include solid beliefs both in himself and the world. He is not always the most successful or the smartest, but he believes that his way of thinking is the right one and makes others around him tend to just become less important. His convictions are strong enough to make you think (at least for that moment) that he is correct. Once he makes a decision there is very little, if any, question in his mind that he made the correct decision, assuming it is right.

Another trait needed to become an alpha male is adaptability, knowing how to react and behave in every situation both socially and physically. While he may not really like change he will adapt to his environment very quickly and does not waste time thinking about what he should do. When thrown into a social situation that is not familiar to him he will quickly adapt and will easily take control of the moment. It is quite common for people to surround alpha males at gatherings such as cocktail parties simply due to their adaptability.

Perhaps one of the strongest traits needed to become an alpha male is the ability and willingness to protect the people that they love. He carries the ultimate burden by putting the value of his own life below those that he cares about; as a father he will die if it means life for his children and wife.

An alpha male tends to ignore insults and keeps his own moods and personal well being, as well as those he loves, unaffected by others that are unhappy with their life and are determined to bring others down with them.

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