Alpha Male vs the Jerk

by John Orok

The alpha male, and the jerk, are both terms used stereotype certain males with a specific personality type. This terminology is primarily used in the dating world. Although alpha males and jerks can both come off as cocky and arrogant, there is a clear and distinctive difference between them.

Jerks, as a rule, are the unpredictable “bad boys”. Women are attracted to them because of their very unpredictability. Their volatile nature, though exasperating at times, is also their biggest charm. This makes them a challenge and a surprise, a thrill that “nice guys” often lack, and that women are drawn to. However, a closer inspection reveals their true nature. Jerks strive fit the manly image they are cast in, but lose sight of the real definition of a man. They try to raise themselves, not by their own merit, but by belittling others to appear better themselves.

Jerks are not to be confused with alpha males, who, although sometimes are similar, have a much more definite sense of pride and honor than jerks. Although they too, are strong people with a great deal of confidence in themselves, they do not belittle others to make themselves feel better. They know that they can respect others, and still keep their authority. Alpha males are natural leaders, refined in their tastes, with a strong sense of justice. Unlike jerks, alpha males rise to their position by their own skill, and still respect those that are below them on the social ladder.

All in all, a jerk is a wannabe alpha male. He strives for the confidence and flair that the alpha male has, without capturing the gentlemanly essence of the alpha male. He seems attractive at first, but upon closer inspection, lacks the depth and attraction that a real alpha male requires.

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